About The Consultation

I offer herbal medicine or nutritional therapy consultations at all clinics. If you are not sure which is most suitable for you, please call me to discuss the options.

There is significant overlap between herbal medicine treatment  and nutritional therapy. I believe good food is essential to good health, and many herbs have culinary uses and nutritional benefits.  As a Herbalist I will usually offer some nutritional guidelines, and as a Nutritional Therapist I will often recommend individual herbs as part of your personal nutrition plan.

Herbal medicine & Nutritional therapy
Whether you choose a herbal medicine or nutritional therapy, the consultation process will be the same.  I will need to take a detailed health and medical history, including information on recent medication or treatment, family history and your lifestyle and diet.  In Nutritional Therapy there will be more focus on diet, and I will usually ask you to complete a detailed food diary in advance of our first meeting, and then I will provide a very detailed Personal Nutrition Plan which takes into account your dietary and lifestyle preferences.

To aid diagnosis you may need a physical examination and some basic tests such as having your blood pressure taken. Sometimes I also advise urine, stool or blood tests. Some tests may be available from your GP but otherwise they are conducted at an external laboratory (at additional cost).

I usually advise at least one follow up consultation 2-4 weeks after the first. We can then discuss your progress, amend or renew your prescription/plan and arrange any further follow ups if required.

Herbal Medicine Prescriptions
Herbal Medicine Prescriptions are individually made to your specific needs. Some drugs and herbs do not work well together so please bring details of any medication that you are taking so that I can select the best herbs for you.

Herbs may be prescribed in tincture form, where alcohol has been used to extract the key constituents from the plants, or as herbal teas.   Creams, capsules and pessaries are also used for some conditions.  Syrups and juices are often used for children, or for anyone with an aversion to alcohol.

Please note that the herbal medicine cost is not usually included in the consultation fee. Prescriptions typically cost between £5 and £15 per week.  I will always work with you to find a safe, affordable and effective treatment for you.