Data Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018.

In line with the new regulations I have reviewed my privacy policy.


My Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Therapy clients share a lot of personal data with me. I would like to reassure you that your data is safeguarded in line with GPDR rules.

The information you give me is an essential part of our health care dialogue. This information informs my recommendations and advice on diet, nutrition, lifestyle and herbal medicine. I do not share your identifiable information with anyone else without your express permission, or any legal obligation. My initial consultation form requests permission to discuss your case with other therapists but always in anonymous form.

Your case notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet in my home office. Consultation notes are usually in hand written form, from our consultation meetings. I often email clients with information and for this reason I have been registered with the ICO for several years. Emails are stored on my laptop and ipad. Both devices are password protected. I do not access emails from my practitioner account on my mobile phone for security reasons.

I do not use your personal details for any marketing activities without your express permission.  My new client registration form now includes an opt in for emails and newsletters relating to herbal walks and talks or similar events. Existing clients will be given a similar opportunity to opt in when we meet for our next consultation.

There is a legal requirement for healthcare practitioners to retain client records for 7 years after our last contact. After this time your files will be shredded. For children the requirement is to keep records for 7 years after they reach adulthood (ie 25 years old).

You have a legal right to see a copy of the information that I hold about you. I have a legal responsibility to provide this to you within one month of any request. If you wish to see this information you should make a ‘Subject Access Request’ in writing (includes email) directly to me.

If you are a Botanica Medica client, then your records are stored with them. You will have been aware that your data was kept on file at Botanica Medica and the other herbalists could access these to make up repeat prescriptions and deal with any queries you may have had on the herbs. Botanica Medica is the data controller so you would have to make a ‘Subject Access Request’ to Jo Dunbar. Her contact details are  I am very happy to offer assistance if required.

Website Visitors

If you are visiting my site and wish to make an enquiry about herbal medicine or nutritional therapy then you can contact me by phone, email or the enquiry box on the website. If you decide not to make an appointment within six months of the initial contact then I will delete your details, unless you have asked me to keep in touch.

My clients usually find me through personal recommendation or through professional listings so I do very little marketing. I do not have an electronic database. I do not use cookies on my website. My website is here for you to understand what I do and how I work, and how to contact me if you wish to discuss further. I look forward to hearing from some of you.

Best wishes for your health, happiness and privacy.